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So You want In
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It's an ode to love. It's where the mature meet to manifest intentions. At SC, we celebrate, we engage, & we get a little vulnerable, all in the pursuit of love & companionship. Our event isn't just for anyone. So don't keep scrolling unless you're serious about the next commitment. 


We know everyone has their unique definition of love, but where Stupid Cupid is concerned, let’s just go with Merriam-Webster’s version. Love is defined as affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests. So that’s exactly what we set out to do: find kindness in others, all in the pursuit of companionship, & common interest. We do it in a way though that alleviates the pressure of typical dating routines, and eliminates awkward conversations. 


Organized as an adults-only event, guests are invited to a private, curated experience to make a love connection in an intimate, no-pressure, free-spirited & safe way. Every attendee is reviewed in advance to ensure we are only matching the truly distinguished with the sophisticated

Through honest conversations, entertaining games, & thought-provoking experiences, we help our guests get the answers to the main things they need to know before admitting they have a new "Crush". Our events are small & intimate to ensure that each guest can truly take their time to get to know the others. We make it easy for our guests to narrow down the dating field by placing them in specific experiences where a love potential could be waiting. From there, it’s just friendly games & even better conversation. 

How to get access


Submit a Request Form, which tells us your basic info & what you're looking for. 


Schedule your one-on-one session with Event Hosts so we can get to know your personality and what really makes your heart beat.


Once we have a great set of like-minded Crushes for you to meet, you'll get a private invite to RSVP for the curated event or "playdate" & more details about other Crushes joining you in the experience. Visit The Iterations Page to learn more about SC Overseas if you're truly intentional in your dating search. 


The Shot Clock has officially started... get your life in order, your mind right, your heart ready, from here it's friendly games & even better conversation to find your Mr. or Ms. Right.

What's Your Flavor
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rules of engagement


Guests, aka Crushes cannot be currently married or otherwise actively engaged in a monogamous relationship.


Guests can "request access" aka get on the Guest List for any iteration of SC  they desire. For more information on iterations, click here


Crushes cannot exchange contact information during the event. Contact information is shared between Crushes by the Event Host(s), after the event, and only when there is a mutual Match.


Crushes must fully engage in the experience & Hosts reserve the right to remove anyone for disorderly conduct.


Crushes must have an open heart. Our events will challenge your perception of dating. They may also contain sexual themes & foul language, attendee discretion is advised.

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